• CEN complete formula feed 20kg

CEN complete formula feed 20kg

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CEN Complete Formula – 20kg

Developed according to Australian conditions and research advances into digestive health and vitamin and mineral absorption. CEN Complete Formula Feed is specifically balanced and provides horses with a healthy palatable feed. 

The perfect addition to all equine diets by providing quality high vitamins and minerals, live probiotic and prebiotic for daily digestive health maintenance. 


• Non-Grain Based Cold Pressed Pellet Feed

• Quality high level chelated vitamin and mineral profile (limiting the need for further supplementation – just add roughage and salt)

• Live Probiotic + Prebiotic for optimum digestive health and immune system

• Safe for horses prone to tying-up, laminitis, or “heat fizz” from high grain diet

• Ideal for pleasure horses up to elite equine athletes


  • Race/performance, show, sales preparation & pleasure horses

  • A safe alternative energy source for horses requiring a low-carbohydrate diet such as those prone to tying-up, laminitis or “heat fizz” from high grain diets

  • For horses at risk of gastric ulceration or colic