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CEN Superbeet 20kg

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CEN SuperBeet is a healthy high fibre feed that provides fantastic digestible energy levels without the starch and sugar from grain.
It is high in digestible fibre which is easily digested by the gut microbiome.
CEN SuperBeet can be incorporated into all diets as a source of digestible fibre and to significantly lower the sugar and starch content, reducing the effect of acidosis related problems.

The low sugar and starch profile, results in a low glycemic index and minimal insulin response, making it a highly suitable feed for all horse types including horses with Cushing’s Disease and prone to metabolic disorders such as Laminitis, IR (Insulin Resistance) or PSSM (Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy).

CEN SuperBeet is an excellent fibre source, where no hay or a limited amount of hay or pasture is fed.

 High in digestible fibre to help maintain gut microbiome health

 Cool calorie source, especially suitable for fizzy/excitable horses

 Encourages intake of less palatable feeds, especially fussy/picky eaters

 Highly suitable for horses with metabolic conditions e.g EMS, Laminitis

 Feed wet, dry or damp according to individual horse’s requirements.

 Can be soaked to a mash, a suitable choice for older horses with poor teeth

Ingredients:  Unmolassed Sugar Beet Pulp Pellet (Low Sugar, High Fibre)

  • CEN SuperBeet is an unmolassed high fibre beet pulp pellet, which has a prebiotic effect promoting optimum digestive health. See video below for further information on stomach ulcers in horses.

  • Digestible Energy: 12MJ
  • Crude Protein: 9%
  • Crude Fibre: 18%
  • Crude Fat: 1%
  • Starch: 1%

The same as your existing beet product as per kg they all have similar digestible energy.
Depends on your individual horse.
As a guide – 
Dry Weight (500kg horse)
Maintenance: 500grams
Light work: 0.5kg to 1kg
Medium: 1kg to 1.5kg
Heavy: 1.5kg to 2kg