• LeMieux Pro-Ice Boots
  • LeMieux Pro-Ice Boots
  • LeMieux Pro-Ice Boots

LeMieux Pro-Ice Boots


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These innovative boots can be used for routine maintenance and management and/or in conjunction for rehabilitation and recovery from injury. The cold ice therapy targets the tendons and ligaments of your horses leg.

  • Unique Hypofreeze Gel is retained in strategically placed pockets to avoid slumping within the boot.
  • Gel remains soft and contours to lower limb ensuring maximum surface contact with skin.
  • Soft mesh lining protects skin from freeze burn, whilst allowing maximum transfer of cold.

Instructions for Use
Place boots or inserts in freezer for minimum 4-6hrs or overnight prior to application.
Use in short 20-30min sessions/ multiple times daily in severe cases. Place securely on leg with 'joint cup' under back of fetlock. Ensure straps are firmly closed, but not over tight.

Sold in Pairs including a pair of Pro-Ice inserts.