• Prydes Stamina 25kg

Prydes Stamina 25kg

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Extruded (cooked) grains provide the ultimate muscle fuel for anaerobic (fast) sprints to get horses to the line while also maintaining gut health and keeping horses in work for longer.


Set recipe formulation with the same premium quality proteins and essential amino acids used in every batch for incredible muscle building capacity.


Natural vitamin E and selenium provide antioxidant protection for hard-working muscles.


A true racing concentrate – just add your own grains, chaff and hay for a truly simple, economical, yet high performance ration.


For the best results add oats and/or Pryde’s Power Pak (extruded barley) or Energy Pak (extruded corn) to Stamina. These grains maximise digestion and minimise the negative impact raw grains have on gut and overall health.